Dash Coupon Codes

Browse our selection of Dash (digital cash) coupons below and save. All codes are verified and frequently updated. Get exclusive Dash deals and offers with these unique links. Get all the latest Dash coupons, discounts, coupon codes & promo codes for 2017.

Dash Debit Cards

  • Wirex offers a virtual and physical bitcoin debit card that works where VISA is accepted. A mainstream bitcoin debit card, has not only removed the need for a bank account, but their bitcoin debit card can now be bought and funded with Dash, Ethereum, and other major digital assets. All it takes is a valid email address and basic personal information to sign up. Get 25% discount on all available cards if you register with this link (updated June 30, 2017). 25% off

Dash Cloud Mining

  • Hashflare. They offer Dash cloud mining with regular withdrawals and no fixed contract or hidden fees. Hashflare promo code for Dash cloud mining gives you 3% discount instantly. (updated june 30, 2017, valid till dec 31, 2017). Promo code: HF17PLUSBTC3 3% off
  • Genesis Mining offers you an easy and reliable way to invest your money in Dash cloud mining, Bitcoin and other altcoin cloud mining. They provide two-year Dash mining contracts with no maintenance and electricity fees. It is mined with the powerful X11 mining algorithm. Mined Dash coins can be autotraded in the dashboard to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies. Sign up through this link, to get a 3% discount on existing prices or enter the Genesis Mining promotional code zKcyxP (works for existing members too). (updated June 30, 2017). 3% off

dash mining in the cloud

Dash Shopping on Amazon (with a discount)

  • Discounts on Amazon shopping: too good to be true? Discounts are real – it simply works when you can pay with digital currencies such as Dash or Bitcoin. Please see detailed explanation below, or go straight to Purse to shop on Amazon with 5-15% discount. Get a substantial discount on all Amazon items 5% off guaranteed.
  • How Purse works? It’s not that easy to explain, but here is the short version: Purse connects Amazon shoppers with people who have unused Amazon gift cards. The shoppers purchase the unused gift cards with a significant discount as gift card owners for some reason want to liquidate them. So, these gift card owners will purchase your Amazon order in exchange for Bitcoin, and Purse Escrow ensures a safe transaction.
  • In general, Purse is a Bitcoin service, but shopping with Dash is also possible since they integrated a Shapeshift exchange platform thus it is simple to convert from one digital asset to another using their service.

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